RED SOLSTICE Issue 4: Fight Weird

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It's lonely being the only magazine but we must bravely forge on for the fourth installment!

A ttrpg zines featuring, adventures, equipment, settings

Issue 3: Featuring the work of Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Ewen Macallister, Fred Dinsmore, Jarrett Crader, Jason Wardell, Katt Kirsch, Revenant Rogue, Seth Ian, SPooky Rusty, and Stella Condrey. Featuring cover art by Collonel Atom

Table of Contents

  • GENESIS. A team of super powered fiends for use with the Long Shot City RPG!
  • Better Than Swords. Weaponry comes in all shapes and sizes, only a fool would limit themselves to a magical sword when a magical trebuchet is at their command.
  •  Aarle Jebidiah's Discount Potions and Lotions. Magic comes in many forms, and sometimes the bottom of the barrel is the best option financially.
  • The Peoples' Distributed Remote Outstation. A microsetting for any science fiction roleplaying game, set in the distant reaches of space in a few different stations.
  • Personfrogs. Sometimes frogs is person, and sometimes person is adventurer, contained within are three classes compatible with any B/X derived game for the adventuring personfrog.
  • Revenant Rogues Vol. 1. Sometimes the rogues gallery you must rely upon for your adventure gaming isn't alive anymore, luckily undeath never stopped Sussuro.
  • Flaccid Elf. It turns out the modern elf can be quite a drag.
  • The Imbrian Confederation. A microsetting set in a fictional alpine nation, filled with a seedy criminal underworld powered by Weird War One Mech suits.
  • Magical Microbes! Fantasy permeates everything, even what we cannot see.
  • Goblin Insults. Good god fearing roleplayers oftentimes have trouble playing a nasty little gobbo. No more will flinging insults elude you with this handy chart!
  • Brooze. What's not to love? Chugging some fine brewskis from a demon- faced pot, surely nothing strange could happen.