Rocky Mountain Man (Print & Play)

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Rocky Mountain Man

An Adventure Crayon Game

NOTE: This page is the Print and Play version, a version in which you can download files, Print your own version. For physical Folio Version link HERE

Solitaire to 2 Players, Blast City Games

Before the Old American West there was a mysterious largely unknown mountainous region West of the Mississippi known as the Rocky Mountains. Characterized by its rocky geography, this mountain range spans from Northern New Mexico, into Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, and ending in British Columbia. The Mountain Men were the first people of the young United States to venture into the unknown Rockies and begin to live among it.

Players represent a leader and crew of Mountain Men, around 1825, with various skills and equipment. The crews venture into the Rocky Mountains, exploring new hexes and drawing their discoveries in crayon. A Player needs to manage their crew in trapping, hunting, dangers, movement, exploration, encounters and more. While the Beaver Pelt is prized, further money can be made in explorations, discoveries and finding routes to the Great Salt Lake and mapping the Colorado River.

Rocky Mountain Man is played either Solitaire or against another player. If 2 Players, both players will play in a kind of Solitaire fashion.

“Rocky Mountain Man” is based on the “Source of the Nile” (1978) game system, while there are many of the same game rules, some of the rules have been adjusted and others added. For players familiar with Source of the Nile, it is good to know the general pattern of that game, but do not assume a rule will be exactly the same.

This is a Folio game. Players will need a 6 sided die (or better 2 - 6 sided dice), and a Pencil with an eraser. The game comes with 2 Outfitting sheets. Players can print new ones.

Outfitting Sheets for Print