Santa Claus (1959 K. Gordon Murray)

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“Whether you’re in a cave, or behind a million mountains, Santa Claus sees you through his Master Eye, and invites you to his Magic Wonderland! See Santa Claus in his magic motion picture! Come past the doors of his towering castle, into a fantastic crystal laboratory, filled with weird and wonderful secrets; into his heavenly workshop, the most marvelous toy factory of all! Watch his battle with the mischievous demon who wants to get children into trouble! You’d better watch out! You’re gonna shout about the picture that won the Golden Gate Family Film award! Everyone, everywhere, is waiting for the K. Gordon Murray presentation, SANTA CLAUS!”


(1960), Color/Scope, 94 minutes
Distributed by K. Gordon Murray Productions
Presented by K. Gordon Murray
Produced by K. Gordon Murray
Directed by K. Gordon Murray (as “Ken Smith”)
Narrated by K. Gordon Murray (as “Ken Smith”)

original production:


(1959), Mexico, Color/Scope, 97 minutes
A Cinematografica Calderon S.A. production
filmed at Churubusco-Azteca studios
Produced by Guillermo Calderon Stell (as “William Calderon”)
Directed by Rene Cardona
Story & Screenplay: Adolfo Torres Portillo
(listed as “Adolfo Lopez Portillo” on poster art), Rene Cardona
Musical Director: Antonio Diaz Conde
Songs: (Public Domain), Marchetti, Miguel Macias F., Armando Torres
“Ballet de las Munecas”, “Danza del Infierno”: Antonio Diaz Conde
Choreography: Ricardo Luna
Cinematography: Raul Martinez Solares
Assistant Camera: Gabriel Castro
Camera Operator: Cirilo Rodriguez
Production Design: Francisco Marcos Chillet (as “Marcos Chillet”)
Executive Producer: Rene Cardona Jr.
Assistant Director: Felipe Palmino
Toys: Sears Roebuck
Editor: Jorge Bustos
Assistant Editor: Jose Li-Ho
Special Effects: Gordillo Y Martinez
Costumes: Bertha Mendoza Lopez (as “B. Mendoza Lopez”)
Make-Up: Concepcion Zamora
Sound: James L. Fields
Dialogue Recordist: Nicolas de La Rosa
Music Recordist: Galdino Samperio
Sound Editor: Reynaldo Portillo
Titles: M. Hector Osorio O.
Production Manager: Guillermo Alcayde
Assistant Production Manager: Federico Serrano
Hair Stylist: Fernando Zamarripa

Cast: Jose Elias Moreno (Santa Claus), Cesarero Quezadas (Pulgarcito/Tom Thumb), Jose Luis Aguirre, aka “Trosky” (el Diablo/Pitch, the devil), Armando Arriola, aka “Arriolita” (el Mago Merlin/Merlin), Antonio Diaz Conde Hijo, (el Nino Rico/Ricky), Angel D’Estefani (el Herrero Ilavon/the blacksmith), and introdcing Lupita Quezadas, aka “Lupita” (la Nina Pobre/Lupita), with Nora Veryan, Leopoldo Ortin Jr., Manuel Calvo (as “Manolo Calvo”), nino Jose Carlos Mendez, nino Jesus Brook, nino Ruben Ramirez G., Queta Lavat (as “Enriqueta Lavat”), Guillermo Bravo Sosa, Graciela Lara, Rosa Maria Aguilar, Pablo Ferrel, Graciela Lara