SLAVE AGENT - Alternate Histories (CD)

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Superior Thrash Metal!

You hear a pop, a crack- a faint whirring from beyond your natural senses. There's something hurling down at you from the depths of a starless sky! Wince and close your eyes!... Your breath draws quick- it's not over, it's getting worse! MUCH WORSE! Agony rattles every nerve as you brace to look. Wide eyed, you stagger back. Wires crossing, nose bleeding. No longer contained, a living nightmare ripping free! An implosion of reality protrudes from the belly of the other side. Consuming every neuron to supplant the furthest reaches. The innerverse swallows you whole!... A new collective mind spawned from a rejected stillbirth. A wretched cyberscape of utter isolation, addiction, and the seven horrors of humanities perversion. There will be pain, there will be pleasure. THIS WILL NOT END! You will submit to the tyrant of this realm... You will bow down before the Grand Scrutator, the Parasite King, the true Power Eternal!

Welcome to our inner Hell!

Pit of Shadow Note: Slave Agent, from Canada, reached out to us out of the blue, we really didn't know what to expect. After pressing play we realized almost immediately Slave Agent are not fucking around. They bring real Thrash to the ears that know and need it! LISTEN LOUD!