Terror of the Stratosfiend #2 : Troika! Edition

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Troika Compatible

“While Earth was ravaged by the Drop, space continued distorting. Strange new entities, unknown to modern and fantastical humanity, roiled in the depths of space.”

Issue 2 features:

  • new ways use living, sentient, and incubating equipment. 
  • New items for clerics and people that heal stuff to use 
  • 3 new classes! 
  • The reality binder, a mage that acts as a siege tower. 
  • The fear engine, a bard that communes with living weapons. 
  • The roof jumper, a rogue that spends its time on rooftops and in alleys while releasing ravens.  
  • 3 new spells for all of your door directors. Yes the domain of doors is here.  
  • 11-ish new bestiary entries ranging from flesh centipedes, elevators, and living doors to t-rexes with laser rifles...
  • 18 new backgrounds, including bakers and CEOs 
  • As well as some lucky signs and a new language table. 


Cover art by El Huervo / Niklas Åkerblad

Internal Art by 2headedgiant(.com), RabidBlackDog / Krzysztof Bieniawski, Shane O'Neil, James Everett Jackson, Michael Weeks, Sam Mameli & Andy Hopp.

Layout by Glynn Seal

Editing by MoonRat Conspiracy (Fiona Maeve Geist, and Jarrett Crader) 

Writing by Sean Richer


Offering of Dark Space Nachoes:

Terror of the Stratosfiend : TROIKA! Edition is an independent production by Orbital Intelligence, LLC and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.