Terror of the Stratosfiend: Cycle of the Snake-Wolf

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DCC Compatible

“I know fear, for my village is forfeit. The witch coerces the flames into a whirlwind, and the hiss and crackle of wood is heard, sour, tinged by a snarl. It warps and ripples, a tear forming, and out pour the jaws of a wolf and the scales of a snake.” - A Guardian


Inspired by tales told in front of bonfires, comes a Terror of the Stratosfiend supplement focused on bones and what we do with them. 

Inside of the Dungeon Crawl Classic compatible module you will find:

  • New Items: Trinkets that serve as strange luck charms
  • Bone Craft: How bones are adapted to armor and weaponry. What magic ESSENCE lies inside of the bones?
  • New Bestiary Entries: “Gargantuan Dryads” that trade limb for limb and the Terrifying (and teleporting) “Snake-Wolves” that come from beyond the stars (look at the cover art).
  • New Ritual Spell: “Snake-Wolf Cycling” that allows you to summon the a host of snake-wolves and harness their strange power.
  • New Spell Weapon: a bone truncheon forged from the ashes of a successful ritual.
  • Were-Snake-Wolves: a terrifying transformation
  • Scorched Bone Tea: it communicates with ghosts… perhaps they possess you?
  • New Deity: Council of the Snake-Wolf. A deep space commune-nest giving their own Canticles, divine favors as per the DCC Annual. They also come with new spellburn, patron taint, and lay on hands results.
  • New Curse: “Curse of the Cosmic Wasting” used for those that run from duty. It erodes your attributes over days.
  • New Carousing Table: what strange things do you find in the woods? Pterodactyl Eggs? A smoldering fire? Weapons-Satellites?
  • And a Rumor Table, everyone needs one.


This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. 


Writing, Layout - Sean Richer. 

Cover - James Everett Jackson

Editing - Jert Crader 

Special Thanks + Additional Development- Tristian LaFollette

Another Eye - Kap 

Additional Images used under license from Shutterstock - Toms Z, Ana Gram, FedBul, Jakub Krechowicz, Anna Zheludkova