The Flood Bell Tolls in Saint Magnus (RPG)

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The Flood Bell Tolls in Saint Magnus
RPG Created by Will Tempest
A System-Neutral Campaign Setting

Gulls fly south over caul-fat waves and salt-spray spit from the malevolent sea. They find more welcome behind the Blessed Breaker, picking at discarded carcasses in the canals of the Swell. Everything washes down there eventually, living or dead. 

But do not despair, you sodden wretch. As sure as the water rises, there is fortune to be had in desperation. There are forbidden technologies humming beneath the water, powerful hydromancies mouldering in abandoned villages, and mud-soaked hoards in the bone palaces beyond the wall. 

Make of your time what you will, but be sure to use it wisely, for there is little left. And whatever you do in Saint Magnus, don’t drink the water.

The Flood Bell Tolls in Saint Magnus is a system-neutral campaign setting for roleplaying games, set in a drowning city on the verge of rebellion.

When paired with your favourite tabletop rule system, the book contains everything a game master needs to run a campaign in the sodden and dangerous city of Saint Magnus. Fight guards and gang members for territory in the aqueducts of the Swell. Help rid a desperate village in the Dredge of ghosts, or leave them all to their watery deaths and steal whatever they leave behind. You might abandon self-preservation entirely and venture out into the Mudflats. Or maybe you’ll discover loftier ambitions and try to find a way up to the Crest, however you can.

What’s inside?

Across more than 75 pages, this book contains:

·         Five districts filled with rumours and random encounters

·         20 POIs for your players to explore, from bustling markets and feasting halls to sunken vaults and haunted shipwrecks

·         A quick and easy NPC generator with names and traits – but whether they’re friendly or not is up to you

·         A waterlogged dungeon crawl through a sabotaged, sinking spaceship

·         Lite rules for performing hydromancy rituals and, for the superstitious among you, creating your own icons of the many-faced Old God

·         17 beasts and bastards for you to cut down (or run from) and an ancient horror to send you mad

·         8 mystical relics that grant curses, boons, or a combination of both

·         D6 tables for gang members, mutations, and nightmarish POIs in the Mudflats

·         A chart to track the rising tide and its devastating effect on the city

·         Art on nearly every page, including 10 full-page illustrations, detailing the world and its inhabitants

Content warnings: Body horror, insects and squirming creatures, parasites, death and decay, drug use, oppression, cults

84 pages - Black and White - A5 (148.5 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 inches) - Perfect Bound