The Goblins of Beetle Hollow Standard Edition Bundle (RPG)

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From Crumbling Keep


The nearly 100-page, soft cover volume of The Goblins of Beetle Hollow will change your 5E campaign in strange and wonderful ways. Full of psychedelic art and new game mechanics, it’s as much a joy to read as it is to play.

The book includes the following:

  • New goblin subraces that are weird and delightful.
  • Many more goblin creatures to stock your dungeons with.
  • A miniature campaign setting that feels like a fever dream.
  • New magic items and herbs for use with your weirdo goblins.
  • A four-panel foldout map of Beetle Hollow, created by Acid Lich.
  • Random encounter tables, vision tables, and more.


You do not have another RPG map like this; it’s full of the locations, denizens, and strange visions of the hollow. You can almost hear them calling you from far away…

PIT NOTE: A remarkable package with wax seal on brown envelop