The Sixteen Gathas of Zarathustra

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Daniel S Levie Translation

The Gathas are a small collection of poetry, of a sacred nature. It was first composed orally in around 1700bce. This makes it roughly 4000 years old. While the place and facts of the life of Zarathustra are debatable, the poignant nature of the sacred poetry he left us can not be denied. Zarathustra was a priest of the ancient Iranian faith at a time long before the Arab invasion of Iran. His teachings found in this short volume are the foundations of many religious doctrines to follow, including the Abrahamic faiths. This translation of the Gathas is unique in that the Order is kept to preserve the Mystery. There will be seen subtle differences in the meanings from this and other translations. The translator believes this a good thing, as the Truth is found between such contradictions.

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