The Tragedy That Begot Ternwillow (Troika Compatible)

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A mecha module compatible with TROIKA! with art by Chin Fong! We partnered to make something that is playable, hackable, modular, and art.  

The mecha are configured for piloting, auto-pilot, and their awoken form (when trying to pilot fails). 

Find out what happened in Ternwillow through play. 


  • 4 new mecha (space, tunneling, gunners, and spiders) each with interchangeable gear 
  • 4 new pilots, each offering different strengths; with the intent to swap them between mechs. (Tactician, Ace, Sniper, Brawler)
  • An armory with equipment that be given to both pilots and mecha. 
  • A brief history of Ternwillow
  • A random mission generator
  • Random trinkets table to decorate and distinguish your mecha 
  • Random equipment for your pilot 
  • Quick rules for operating mecha! 


Writing by Sean Richer 

Art by Chin Fong (Oculus, HALO) 

Editing by MoonRat Conspiracy / Fiona Maeve Geist & Jarrett Crader


“The Tragedy that begot Ternwillow” is an independent production of Orbital Intelligence, LLC © 2020. All rights reserved and is not affiliated with The Melsonian Arts Council.