Through Ultan's Door #1

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UK Import RPG Book

Go through Ultan's door in this inaugural issue into the Ruins of the Inquisitor's Theater, a 30 room dungeon replete with oneiric puddings, delicate shadow puppets, giggling white swine, and much more. This zine contains everything you need to launch a D&D campaign in the Zyan, flying city of the dreamlands. The issue is printed on deluxe paper, and comes with a detachable cover that has a map printed on the interior by Gus L., and a separate card for encounters. Brought to life with stunning art of Huargo and brilliant layout of Matt Hildebrand, it is an object that may itself have come from beyond the veil of sleep.

36 page interior + standup cover with map on interior + encounter card. The Ruins of The Inquisitors' Theater is an adventure for 3-5 characters of 1-2 level. It is compatible with most old school versions of D&D and their modern clones.