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"Descending further into delirious madness, King Fathmu IX is haunted by visions of mockery: Crude men who belittle him, sorcerers toying with his mind, and heretics conspiring with powerful demons to overtake his throne. Attempting to regain a feeling of control, Fathmu imprisons everyone who seems a threat in his underground prison. Terrified traitors, aspiring necromancers, powerful demagogues and even scum like you."

A  60 page zine made for Mörk Borg. 
It contains:

  • The 27-room prison sitting under Schleswig
  • Guides to play it after a TPK, as a funnel or a one-shot
  • Post-prisonbreak-hooks to continue the fun
  • Two new classes
  • Short pre-adventure to introduce the lore of the prison
  • More than 20 funny items (some co-created by backers)
  • Funky table to dress up your room descriptions


Guest art by non-other than Johan Nohr and Tommy Sunzenauer (creator of SVMP.) The rest is done by me with the help from computers, dead-people and talented people telling me how to improve.

As you wake up in the weird hell hole a frail old man named Anuk Schleger wants to work together. Question is, can you trust him? And can you even find the way out?

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PIT NOTE: Further proof that the current RPG is where all the exciting print layout and design is happening. Every page of Trapped Within is a delight