Trilogy of Lost Hope (3 Folio Board Games in 1)

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Game 3: PESTA

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Tower of Silence is set on a bleak and wintry coast far beyond the edges of any map known to man. The walls of a gigantic tower have crumbled into the icy waters and formed a rugged pile of debris leading up to the ruined remains.

Players take on the roles of shipwrecked souls washing ashore in a state of almost complete hopelessness. They must crawl up the shifting rocks and boulders searching for wreckage, facing dangers, and fighting off their fellow souls.

Their ultimate goal is to reach the tower and consign themselves to the strange lights that burn within. Only then will the final prophecy be spoken.


In Iron Mountain players take on the roles of outcasts condemned to slave away their existence in an underground mine. Time and toil have reduced them to mere shadows flickering through winding tunnels and empty caves.

But now the iron law that binds them has begun to loosen its grip. As they set out to reclaim their past lives and escape the mountain, hope quickly turns to despair.

For what does it mean to be free in a world of shackles? And what becomes of a shadow once it steps outside and into the light?


Pesta allows players to experience the dread and anxiety of a small group of villagers fighting in vain against the onslaught of a terrible disease.

As omens appear in the sky, corpses pile up in the streets, and a foul air of corruption blows across the land, the villagers must join forces to avoid slipping into despair and hopelessness.

But what happens when they discover that they carry not only the symptoms of the disease but its very cause?