Upon Ternwillow, The Waves That Crashed

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Since we last met Ternwillow was destroyed, Civilization was forced under the sea, and mankind is just trying to survive.

A mecha module compatible with TROIKA!  We wanted to make something that is playable, hackable, modular, and art.  

Find out why Ternwillow has gone underwater through play. 

  • New Pilot Equipment (10) - Aquatic Rebreathers, to Jet-Rafts, and Schooling Remora Countermeasures.
  • New Interchangeable Mech Parts (29) - Photon Mines that overload optics, the Nautilus Cloak active camouflage, and Aquatic Seals so you never have to worry about a leak.
  • New Vehicles (4) - Speed Boats, Air Freighters, and Cruise Ships!
  • New Pilot Backgrounds (2) - The Urban Sniper that hunts with a Robotic Clone and the Mech Whisperer that rides on top of her mechs.
  • New Mechs (6) - trident wielding fast swimmers, living fortresses that serve as cities, and Aquatic Patrol Bots. 
  • New enemy pilots (3) - rented security and wounded ace pilots wired directly into their mechs
  • New missions and maps (3) - Can you shut off the data flow? Upgrade your Fleet? Or rescue a downed pilot from a black site?
  • New modular alarm systems - 3 new ways to trigger alarms and 3 dynamic response networks that mutate their reactions over time.
  • New Civilization - The Seat of the Blue Ash… where did they come from? Is it a new home for Ternwillow? What codes do they follow?
  • Settlement Generator - How big is the settlement? Is it on a tanker? What sort of problems are they having? How are the Defended? And Who is the Leadership?
  • New Scrap Tables - What’s in the Wreckage? What’s in the Escape Pod? 
  • New Classified Ammunition - No one knows what this is, I hope you don’t get caught?
  • Strange Underwater Happenings - Where did that fin come from?
  • Underwater Rules - Atmospheric Conditions, a Tidal Generator, and a new out of control table for underwater chaos
  • New pilot rules - New damage ranges [OFFSCREEN], new [AQUATIC] qualities for firing underwater, Missile strikes, Overloading and Overclocking
  • New Berserk Actions - For when you need to front flip into an axe kick and bash skulls.


Writing by Sean Richer 

Art by Jonathan La Mantia (JLComics), Aedel Fakhrie (kontrolaltdelete), Chin Fong, James Everett Jackson, Sam Mameli

Cartography and Layout by Glynn Seal (MonkeyBlood Design)

Editing by Jarrett Crader and Fiona Maeve Geist (MRC)

“Upon Ternwillow, the Waves that Crashed” is an independent production of Orbital Intelligence, LLC © 2020. All rights reserved and is not affiliated with The Melsonian Arts Council.