Warangel Cosplay (Card Game)

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From Angelo Porazzi:

1st Card Game dedicated to 90 Italian Cosplayers: many of these Friends made the costumes of the warriors I designed in the Warangel Universe ... Award-winning Board Game that in 2019 celebrates ... 23 years of life;)

The Star Woman, the Dragon Woman, the Valkyrie you see on the cover of the Book now also in Mondadori, Hermes of the Gods, the Black Cat of the Nocturnes, the Templar, the Sorceress, the Gladitor, the Dominatrix of the WarDaemon, Leonidas of the Spartans .. . You will find them all in this card game: each one has on the back the illustration I drew and from which it is taken.

Quality Cartamundi, number 1 printer in the world who makes games like Magic, decks for Las Vegas casinos ... and has been collaborating with me for many years now :) It was an unimaginable work, presented last year on stages all over Italy thanks to exceptional Organizers Amici and Amici Cosplayers who believed in this project. Sincerely THANK YOU ALL :)

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