Webb Pierce - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight: High Geared Daddy (CD)

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Godfather of rockabilly and king of the honky tonks, Webb Pierce was the biggest country star of the 1950s! His look alone defined hillbilly glitz and glamor!Bear Family features an exclusive compilation of uptempo songs from Webb Pierce's earlier years, featuring Four Star recordings like High Geared Daddy, Heebie Jeebie Blues, and New Panhandle Rag, as well as Pacemaker performances (Roy Acuff's Freight Train Blues, Hayride Boogie, and Have You Ever Had The Feeling) PLUS uptempo early Decca recordings including hits (In The Jailhouse Now, Love, Love, Love, Honky Tonk Song, Bye Bye Love, Tupelo County Jail and I Ain't Never) and rarities like You Scared The Love Right Out Of Me, Any Old Time, and New Raunchy. Highlights include Webb Pierce's rarely-heard rockabilly version of Teen Age Boogie, with a rawer arrangement, previously only issued in England in 1956. A new essay writen by Rich Kienzle.

Webb Pierce was flashy. A Louisiana Hayride star, he replaced Hank Williams on the Grand Ole Opry in 1952. Of his 96 charted singles, 13 were # 1s and 39 others were Top Tens. While living the hard-boozing honky tonk life he sang about, Webb Pierce also made a fortune publishing songs and owning radio stations. But his scorched earth business style made enemies, and consequently, he didn't enter the Country Music Hall of Fame until 2001, ten years after he died. The whole story is here together with some of the shakin'est music that Webb Pierce ever recorded.

The 32 performances on this 'Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight' collection cover eleven years (1949-1959) and three labels, Four Star, Pacemaker and Decca.

1-CD-Album with 36-page booklet, 32 tracks, playing time 76:28 minutes

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Track Listing

  • High Geared Daddy
  • New Panhandle Rag
  • Heebie Jeebie Blues
  • Georgia Rag
  • Freight Train Blues
  • Hayride Boogie
  • Have You Ever Had The Feeling
  • Drifting Texas Sand
  • You Scared The Love Right Out Of Me
  • I'm Gonna See My Baby
  • I Just Can't Be True
  • California Blues
  • In The Jailhouse Now
  • Sneakin' All Around
  • Love, Love, Love
  • Why Baby Why (& Red Sovine)
  • Any Old Time
  • Teen Age Boogie (2)
  • I'm Tired
  • Honky Tonk Song
  • Bye Bye Love
  • Who Wouldn't Love You
  • Holiday For Love
  • The New Raunchy
  • English Sweetheart
  • You'll Come Back
  • Tupelo Country Jail
  • After The Boy Gets The Girl
  • Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  • I Ain't Never
  • Teenage Boogie (3)