World War III (Folio Game)

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The greatest horror has begun, life knows not its fate.

Man has chosen the war of nightmares. The will of Unions and Nations advance into the global inferno, aiming for survival and supremacy.

What might World War III be like?

The Goal

2 to 7 players battle as the will of Unions and Nations to gain the most value in territories. Nukes may be launched, Technologies can be advanced, Nations may be Allied and Pacts can be made but only one player can claim Victory!

Tabletop War Game in the vein of Gamemaster Series, A&A, Risk, Hitler's War and others.

2019 Rules

Our Folio games are printed box-less games minimal in game components. All materials are within an folded cover (8.5"x11) at an affordable price.

World War III is the first in our WAR WORLD series. 

WORLD WAR III was originally a print and play game. We enjoyed the game so much that we are making these physical copies available. The Rules and other details have been updated.