World War Zed

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WORLD WAR ZED: USA pits you as the leader of the United States against an outbreak of Zombies or similar – called “Zeds” in the game. You must manage population centers, farmlands, refugees and the scientific and military response to the outbreak. Use the Army, Marines, and National Guard to fight the spreading Zeds. Weapons at hand against the prolific zombies include air strikes, nuclear detonations, and biochemical attacks. World War Zed: USA is a different kind of war game which will appeal to many regular war gamers as a light break from more serious and historical slogs and has the cross-generation appeal to serve as a game to bring family members of all ages together at the table for a fun, if slightly scary, evening. Designed by David Kershaw (Don't Tread on Me!, Albuera 1811, Vietnam Solitaire) with wonderful comic-book style art by Jonathan Carnehl.


The​ ​game​ ​consists​ ​of the following components.

  • 8-Page Rules Book

  • One Random Region and Events Card

  • 17” x 11” Game Map

  • 88 5-8” Inch Unit Counters

  • 20 5-8” Markers

  • 70 3-4” Inch Markers

  • One Quick-Play Card

  • One Scenarios and Design Notes Book


- Random Events

- Nuclear and Biochemical Strikes

- Zed States Track

- DEFCON Track

- Food reserve Track

- Production Points Track

- USA Military Units

- 20 Regions with City, Farm and Open Areas

- Refugees and Survivalists

- Zed Boss

- 11 Scenarios

- 7 Historical Setups